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Nowadays there are plenty ways to improve language skills online, on your mobile device as applications, on online platform etc. Now, let take English as example.  Regarding video applications like whatsup, skype, viber and so on teachers are not limited any more in teaching approaches, furthermore it made possible to teach remotely. It is extremely important to improve memory for efficient learning. In this article we are trying to embrace only a little part of these possibilities. There are also a lot of communities on social networks like Facebook, etc.  It also works as self-learning on YouTube, both on PC and via application! 

Memory improvement

Wikium is an online platform for training attention, memory and thinking. The user is offered cognitive simulator games aimed at the development of a particular brain function, and specialized courses for teaching certain skills, abilities and skills focused on short-term thematic classes and aimed at accelerating their acquisition. After the client passes the introductory testing on the platform, he receives an individual training program for each day. According to the company, such simulators allow you to develop “weak” brain functions and maintain “strong”. In addition, since 2015, Wikium has been developing neurotracers based on biofeedback using a neural interface that reads alpha and beta rhythms to train skills in managing states of deconcentration (relaxation) and concentration.

For 2018, the platform includes 51 cognitive simulators, which are based on methods of training cognitive processes, scientific knowledge about the structure of perception, attention, memory and thinking. To verify the effect after training, diagnostics are carried out, the tools of which are the Schulte tables, the Stroop effect, the Kraepelin score the Corsi test and others.

In addition, the platform includes Wikium.Polyglot and Wikium.Professional add-ons, which are development programs from cognitive simulator games for developing language skills and development for a certain profession, respectively. According to Nikolai Frantsuzov, a neuropsychologist and researcher at the company, the development programs used are “a scientifically sound combination of certain developmental tasks presented in a playful way, arranged in a logical sequence taking into account neuropsychological patterns”.

Wikium is aimed at an audience of 7+, however, the most active users are people from 25 to 67 years of various fields of activity.

                                                                                     Online platforms

Skyeng is an online English language school. Classes with teachers are held on their own interactive platform around the clock and are complemented by mobile applications, browser extensions and training newsletters. The teacher only deals with you during the lesson.

Engage from anywhere: cafe, office, home. For classes you only need the Internet.

Learn when convenient: morning and evening, weekdays and weekends. The duration of the lesson is 50 minutes.  Structured lessons with quality control of each lesson and visual progress. Course volume - 60 lessons.

Learning English can be done in many different ways. That's why we're offering a range of free videos for you to watch, enjoy and share. Whether it's a burning question about Macmillan Dictionary or about the, a video that can be used in the classroom, or more information about our resources: these videos will help you on your way.

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Videos for the classroom

Our popular Real Grammar video series includes short and helpful clips explaining the 'rules' of grammar and answering questions such as 'Should I use who or whom?' Watch the helpful videos by experts about Real Vocabulary and Real World English too.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.

As a historical dictionary, the OED is very different from dictionaries of current English, in which the focus is on present-day meanings. You’ll still find present-day meanings in the OED, but you’ll also find the history of individual words, and of the language—traced through 3 million quotations, from classic literature and specialist periodicals to film scripts and cookery books.

The OED started life more than 150 years ago. Today, the dictionary is in the process of its first major revision. Updates revise and extend the OED at regular intervals, each time subtly adjusting our image of the English language.

YouTube is a video hosting service that provides users with storage, delivery and video display services. YouTube has become the most popular video hosting and the second site in the world in terms of the number of visitors.

Users can upload, view, rate, comment, add to favorites and share certain videos. In January 2012, the daily number of video views on the site reached 4 billion . The site presents films, music videos, trailers, news, educational programs, as well as amateur videos, including video blogs, slide shows, humorous videos and more. According to the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, in April 2013, 2% of the service’s audience, or 51 million people, were Russians. The site has various music charts showing the preferences of users depending on geographic location.


We discussed what it means to be linguistic active person in terms of profession and perspective. Being in society where many languages are spoken could be beneficial not only for daily needs, but also for those who want to extent his or her horizon in career perspective and to worldwide recognition. To know more than one language fosters the nurture and perception potential of the people around the globe. All mentioned platforms and applications is the best and cheapest way to master language skills.

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