The State Revenue Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office conducted joint inspections of activities at the customs border of Kazakhstan and China, where violations of 165 billion tenge were detected.
On behalf of the Head of State, employees of the State Revenue Committee (SRC) as part of an interdepartmental group at the Prosecutor General's Office conducted joint inspections of the activities of participants in foreign economic activity (UVED), including authorized economic operators (AEO), as well as border checkpoints with China.
At the same time, the department reported that the committee on violations identified in respect of 9 AEO and 1 AEO branch completed exit customs inspections, the amount of additional charges amounted to 107 billion tenge.
Also, the facts of tax evasion for 58 billion tenge have been established. The total amount of violations for 3 years is 165 billion tenge.
In addition, the Committee identified signs of issuing fictitious electronic invoices (ESF) for 398 billion tenge. The preliminary amount of damage is 128 billion tenge. The materials were transferred to law enforcement agencies to consider the issue of initiating a criminal case.
According to 151 importers, materials on the grounds of the statement of fictitious ESF were sent to the Financial Monitoring Agency.
All these violations were revealed thanks to the information systems of the State Revenue Committee, on the basis of which the system of traceability of goods from import/production to retail sale/ export operates.
Today, 100 percent of customs declarations are submitted electronically, the UVED independently declare information that is subsequently used in administration.
Thus, VAT, underpaid during import due to understatement of the cost of goods, due to the use of ESF, is deducted from the margin at subsequent stages of implementation.
In addition, a number of other systemic and targeted measures are being taken.
As part of the joint inspection by the Prosecutor General's Office, representations were made on the elimination of violations of the AEO's activities. In particular, they concern the improvement of the risk management regulatory system, the implementation of customs control measures, and the reduction of corruption risks and others.
In general, the SRC takes all necessary measures to eliminate these comments, improve customs administration and strengthen border control.
As part of the instructions of the Head of State, the work on restoring order at the customs border and increasing the revenue side of the budget is under special control.
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