The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan has approved a list of cars that can be purchased on favorable terms.

This became known at a press conference of JSC "Industrial Development Fund", timed to the launch of the program of preferential car loans.

A press conference on the conditions and mechanisms of the new preferential car loan program was held in the capital, which was attended by Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of the FRP Rinat Gapparov and Galymzhan Adi, Vice President and Director for Technical Regulation of the Association of Automobile Business of Kazakhstan (AKAB) Anar Makasheva and Erbol Seipilov, as well as representatives of Bank Center Credit and Forte bank Gulzhikhan Khamitova and Rinat Agambayev.

The organizers of the press conference told reporters about how to become a participant in the program and how it will work.

According to Anar Makasheva, citizens wishing to receive preferential loans need to visit a car dealership and choose the desired car, which is available on preferential car loans -2022. If a car in the required configuration is available on the trading platform, the participant can request an invoice from the seller and submit an application to the second-tier bank. If the car is not available, the applicant is recorded in the electronic queue. When the car arrives at the dealership, the person is given an invoice for payment, with which he must apply to the STB.

Gulzhikhan Khamitova said that Bank Center Credit planned to start accepting applications from the public on Monday, May 16 at 14.00, Nur-Sultan time.

According to the representatives of the FRP, funds for financing preferential loans will be received by the banks participating in the program in the afternoon.

The rules of the new program of preferential car loans were approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 15 of this year. The operator of the program is JSC "Industrial Development Fund". The total amount of financing is 100 billion tenge.

For the population, crediting of passenger cars will be carried out on the following conditions: the interest rate is 4 percent; the loan amount is not more than 10 million tenge; the financing period is not more than seven years; the initial payment is from 0 percent; the purchase of a passenger car made in Kazakhstan; the cost of the vehicle does not exceed 15 million tenge.

In order to ensure transparency of financing, a condition is provided for the mandatory availability of an automated system at the STB to track the status of the deadline for providing financing to the final borrower. Also, there is a restriction in the form of providing financing for one final borrower no more than once during a two-year period.

The program is implemented through second-tier banks: Eurasian Bank, Bank Center Credit, Halyk Bank, Forte bank.

It is noted that this list is not final, as applications from second-tier banks are considered, the FRP will add partners participating in the program.

Step-by-step actions when participating in the preferential lending program:

If the consumer has not executed a bank loan agreement within no later than 10 banking days from the date of receipt of the letter of guarantee, the consumer is excluded from the queue.

The consumer applies to the dealership car center and chooses a car of domestic production; representatives of the dealership car center issue to the borrower an invoice for payment valid for no more than five banking days with mandatory indication of the VIN code; the consumer must contact the bank with an invoice for payment; from the moment of acceptance of the application, the bank puts the consumer in its electronic queue; the bank assesses the solvency and credit the history of the consumer.

If the decision is positive, it issues an approval for lending and a letter of guarantee valid for no more than five banking days; after receiving the letter of guarantee, the consumer must contact the dealership car center for registration of the car.

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