In the New Kazakhstan, the main principle of economic development should be a fair distribution of income and an increase in the standard of living of citizens.

The Head of State stated this at a meeting of the interdepartmental commission on combating illegal concentration of economic resources.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted that at the referendum, the people adopted amendments to the Constitution, and they entered into legal force, thereby supporting the construction of a New, Fair Kazakhstan.

According to him, the priority task is to improve the welfare of the entire population, it is necessary to justify the trust and expectations of the people, to build a society with equal opportunities for all, citizens should rightfully enjoy the benefits of economic growth, the wealth of the state belongs not to certain individuals, but to the whole people. And the referendum opened up opportunities for the continuation of large-scale transformations.

In order to restore order in the economy and build clear and honest rules of the game, the President by his decree established a commission on countering the illegal concentration of economic resources, whose activities will be aimed at returning illegally withdrawn funds to the country.

– All actions must fully comply with all legal norms and be based on strict and strict adherence to the law. The Prosecutor's Office, as a supervisory authority, is obliged to ensure the impeccable legal quality of all procedures applied. In this matter, we have no right to make mistakes and incompetent steps," the Head of State stressed, calling on the interdepartmental commission to work for results and be active.

In his opinion, it will take some time to return the capital illegally withdrawn from the country, due to compliance with all legal procedures. And the main goal is not the number of criminal cases brought to court, but the real improvement of the economy.

The President instructed to systematically inform the public about the work of the commission.

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