Vice-President of the International Society of the Kazakh Language Maxim Rozhin, speaking at the session of the APK, spoke about the importance of knowledge of the state language.

– For every citizen of Kazakhstan who connects his future with his native country – Kazakhstan, the culture, history and language of the country should be equally valuable. Only the people who truly appreciate national values have a great future," M. Rozhin said in his speech, "all conditions have been created in our country to respect their language and learn any language. The state is doing everything possible to develop the language and culture of all ethnic groups of the country. One of his confirmations is that there are schools in the country that work in "Russian", "Uzbek", "English", "German" languages.

Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich, you said in your Message: "in order for the Kazakh language to reach a really high level, we must work together, not apart." Now we have launched the project "Korneki" through the international society "Kazakh Tili". Its purpose is to explain and help small and medium–sized businesses the requirements of the law on visual information. In addition, together with the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in all regions, we are opening conversational clubs "Sosuar" and providing assistance to those who intend to learn the language," the speaker said.

At the same time, he noted that this requirement should be strengthened for civil servants.

– The Kazakh language is now the main language in society. This is the demand of the people. Therefore, the results of exams in the Kazakh language, which are taken by civil servants, should be taken into account. We should also pay more attention to the media content that is published in the state language. The main thing is that we are ready to take part in all the reforms carried out within the framework of national values – the Assembly and public activists, – said M. Rozhin.

At the end of his speech, M. Rozhin called on all representatives of the country's ethnic groups to unite in a single whole on the way to creating a "new Kazakhstan".

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