In Kazakhstan, they want to cancel the probationary period for employees, during which the employer can dismiss them without explanation.

This was stated at the CCS briefing by Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Yerzhan Birzhanov:

We want to exclude a probationary period when a young specialist can be fired in three months. We want to consider and propose this norm, and if it is adopted, I think it will also have a positive impact on the employment of young people,  the minister said.

According to him, the ministry is already initiating amendments to the country's Labor Code.

E. Birzhanov explained that the labor legislation provides for a probationary period, after which an employee can be dismissed.

– If we remove this probationary period, then if an employee does not quite fit the job and additional training is required, then the employer will have to further improve his qualifications and leave the employee. That is, it will be impossible to dismiss without a reason,  the vice minister said.

The Vice Minister also spoke about plans to introduce the concept of "young employee", but did not specify what innovations this implies.

According to the current legislation, a probationary period is a period of time established for the subjects in order to verify their compliance with the public positions held.

If the employer doubts the professional qualities of the subject, the employee can be dismissed without any explanation. Unfortunately, this practice is often abused by employers themselves, artificially creating a constant "turnover" of personnel, with the aim of non-payment of remuneration for the work done.

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