Now every citizen of Kazakhstan can freely register a queue for a free land plot through the eGov e-government portal. At the same time, it does not matter whether a citizen has real estate or not.

According to Article 50 of the Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, every citizen of Kazakhstan who has reached the age of majority has the right to receive a land plot for individual housing construction free of charge. Unfortunately, for many years the practice of obtaining free land plots (10 acres) has demonstrated its inconsistency due to unbearable bureaucratic procedures for citizens. For this reason, a firm skepticism and disappointment has been established in civil society.

Now it is possible to get in line to receive a plot in just five minutes without unnecessary bureaucratic procedures requested by akimats. At the same time, you can independently track the progress of your application online and update some data.

This was announced by Asset Turysov, Vice Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

– We have digitized the queue lists provided by akimats and brought them to . Digitization of the queue for a land plot is a huge step forward in the eradication of corruption. Now every citizen of Kazakhstan who has reached the age of majority will be able to apply for 10 acres without leaving home through and keep track of your queue. Another innovation was the opportunity to apply for land in any region of the country without the need to visit the akimat, – he said.

To apply, citizens need to have their own EDS and log in to the eGov in the section «Real Estate» – «Land relations», select the service "Viewing or queuing for a land plot for individual housing construction (10 acres).

– The user will not be able to queue if he has previously received land from the state for free, and if there are no free territories for residential housing in the locality. Decisions on the issue of vacant plots will be made by akimats. The plots will be issued as the sites are being prepared or if there are free territories, according to the general plan of the settlement. If earlier you were already in line for a land plot in one region, and now you are considering applying for land in another region, then it should be taken into account that 10 acres are issued free of charge only once, in the region where the queue came up. The remaining applications are canceled," the press service of the ministry added.

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